TMRW Series Torque Motor

The combination of a high torque stator and rotor meets the most demanding specifications in high precision industry. By using a water cooled design, high torque can be achieved.


  • New developed AC servo motor can be applicable to FPD, semiconductor, laser cutting, PCB, machine tool, 3C  electronics, Energy, automobile, measuring/inspection industry and related automation industry.
  • Compare to last generation FR series, EM1 servo motor enhances speed, encoder resolution, compact size, and ensure speedy settling, stability, tuneless function with dynamic payload by working with brand-new E1 drive, that can effectively improve production efficiency.
  • Easy and quick installation interface
  • Compact size, high speed
  • Rated output 200W~2KW, optional brake, IP65 and key
  • Water cooling
  • Large hollow shaft
  • Maximum torque up to 5020 Nm
  • The concentricity of the stator and rotor will be calibrated before shipment