Shaft Motor


Linear Shaft Motor


  • HIWIN coreless shaft motor is extremely similar to ball screw mechanism so it could replace standard ball screw system and achieve higher speed and resolution.
  • Besides this, shaft motor is with easy installation, no backlash issue, zero cogging force, and excellent velocity ripple.
  • Shaft motor was designed for low payload application and continues motion curve, including 3D printer, high speed and low payload of automatic machine, high clean environment of manufacturing equipment for semi-conductors and LCDs, mobile phone and touch panel industry, automated optical inspection (AOI), and EDM machine tool.
  • Vmax= 5m/s
  • Amax= 5G
  • Velocity ripple = 0.55% at V =0.6 m/s(before compensating)
  • No noise
  • Direct Drive