2020 4th TTICoS /Taiwan – Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit

Automation Industry sub-forum(23.09.2020 / Wednesday)
Theme: Demands of & Solutions for Manufacturing Automation in Post-Pandemic Era

Time Thailand/TaiwanTopics (TBC)SpeakersRemarks
13:30~13:40/14:30~14:40Opening remarks(5 min. respectively)Thailand x 1 / Taiwan x 1
  • Simultaneous Interpretation: Mandarin to Thai / Thai to Mandarin
  • Subtitles: Mandarin + English / Tai + English
  • Moderators (Thailand x 1 / Taiwan x 1) / Webinar Management Team
  • 5 min allowance after each session for Q&A / Questions to be screened by assigned persons before being answered by speakers
  1. Investment incentives for Thailand regarding Automation Industry
  2. Government Resources for Automation Implementation of SMEs
BOI & Thai Government Entity (Suggested by APO
14:10~14:35/15:10~15:35Experience Sharing by the Machine Builder regarding fighting Covid-19 Pandemic (Smart Machining)Taiwan Industry Rep. x 1(Suggested by SMPO)
14:35~15:00/15:35~16:00Experience Sharing & Case Study regarding Automation System Integration (Smart Robots)Thailand Industry Rep. x 1(Suggested by TGI)
15:00~15:25/16:00~16:25Experience Sharing & Case Study regarding Automation System Integration (Smart Molding)Taiwan Industry Rep. x 1(Suggested by ACMT)
15:25~16:00/16:25~17:00MOU signing ceremony (TBC, 5 min ) / Tea Break & Networking
9/22(Tue.)14:00~9/24(Thu)12:00Online Exhibition Matching: Online exhibitions of 25 Taiwanese automation service providers. Participants browse the Internet during the opening period of the website, and can leave messages on the websites of those who wish to make further contacts.