QH Series Quiet Linear Guideway, with SynchMotion Technology


QH Series Quiet Linear Guideway, with SynchMotion Technology


Low Noise Design With SynchMotion TM technology, rolling elements are interposed between the partitions of SynchMotion TM to provide impoved circulation.

Due to the elimination of contact between the rolling elements, collision noise and sound levels are drastically reduced.

Self-Lubricant Design The partition is a grouping of hollow ring-like structures formed with a through hole to facilitate circulation of the lubricant. Because of the special lubrication path design, the lubricant of the partition storage space can be refilled. Therefore, the frequency of lubricant refilling can be decreased.

The QH-series linear guideway is pre-lubricated. Performance testing at a 0.2C (basic dynamic load) shows that after running 2,500km no damage was apparent to either the rolling elements or the raceway.

Smooth Movement In standard linear guideways, rolling elements on the load side of the guide block begin rolling and push their way through the raceway.When they contact other rolling elements they create counter- rotational friction. This results in a great variation of rolling resistance.The QH linear guideway, with SynchMotion TM technology prevents this condition. As the block starts to move, the rolling elements begin rolling consecutively and remain separated to prevent contact with one another thus keeping the element’s kinetic energy extremely stable in order to effectively reduce fluctuations in rolling resistance.

High Speed Performance The Hiwin-QH series offers excellent high-speed performance due to the partitions of the SynchMotion TM structure.They are employed to separate the adjacent balls thereby resulting in low rolling traction and the metallic friction between adjacent balls is eliminated.


Especially for the high-tech industries in which high speed, quiet, and low dust environment are required.