E2 Self-Lubricant Ballscrew

E2 Self-Lubricant Ballscrew


Cost savings
The E2 series saves cost by eliminating pipingjoint systems, change and waste disposal, and byreducing oil purchases.
Greatly extends the maintenance period

The E2 series will supply proper lubrication for long periods of time extending the maintenance period.

Easy maintenance

The special construction of the E2 design requires no tools to replace the oil cartridge. There is no disassembly required when adding the E2 option.

Ideal lubrication position

The lubrication point is located inside the ball nut allowing for the lubrication to be firmly applied on to the ball tracks.

Effortless and flexible installation
The lubrication performs properly in everydirection so there are no restrictions wheninstalling the E2.
Clean and environmentally friendly
Prevents oil leakage, making the E2 the idealsolution for clean room environments.
Interchangeable oil selection
The replaceable oil cartridge can be refilled withany approved lubrication oil.
Applications for special environments

The lubrication oil can be combined with grease for better results, especially in dusty, dirty, or wet environments.


  • Machine tools
  • Industrial machinery : printing machine, paper processing machine, automatic machine, textile machine, cutting and grinding machines, etc.
  • Electronic machinery : robots, measuring equipment, X-Y tables, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: medical equipment, factory automation equipment, etc.